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Watershed-based Authorizations

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Watershed-based Authorizations

The Fish Habitat Management System takes a watershed health approach.  This approach divides the Yukon into 18 watersheds or drainage basins. Specific authorizations have been issued for 15 watersheds to take into account the ecological and topographical diversity found within the territory.

Each watershed is classified based on overall scoring of physical and biological watershed sensitivity criteria.

  • Category A watersheds are MORE sensitive to increased industrial activity.
  • Category B watersheds are LESS sensitive to increased industrial activity.

The intent is to pre-determine the habitat regulatory requirements on a watershed basis, which will reduce the need for site-specific authorizations.  However, site-specific authorizations may still need to be issued in some cases.

Authorizations for the Mayo River, Alsek and Liard watersheds are still being developed.

Proposed watershed seperation