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Placer mining plays an important role in the Yukon, contributing an average of $50 million per year to the territory's economy.  Yukon Government statistics from 2005 show that there were 128 producing placer mines in that year, employing approximately 450 people.  Businesses that serve the placer mining industry employ several hundred more.

Nearly all placer operations are small, family-owned and operated, with three or four employees.  Most of the owners (approximately 90%) and employees (approximately 68%) are Yukon residents. (Source: Economic Study of the Yukon Placer Authorization Review, prepared by BDO Dunwoody LLP, 2002).  A large majority of the operating expenses of Yukon placer mines (92%) are spent in the Yukon.

In 2005, the majority of active placer mining operations were in the Dawson Mining District.  This area produced approximately 87% of the Yukon's placer gold.  The Dawson Mining District includes the drainages of the Klondike River, Indian River, west Yukon (Fortymile and Sixtymile Rivers and the Moosehorn Range) and lower Stewart River.

The remaining gold came from the Whitehorse and Mayo Mining Districts.


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