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Monitoring Results

The Fish Habitat Management System for Yukon Placer Mining includes 3 programs to monitor effects:

  • water quality objectives monitoring;
  • aquatic health monitoring; and
  • economic health monitoring.

Each monitoring program follows a protocol addressing sampling methods, the location, timing and frequency of sampling, and sampling analysis. The Adaptive Management Framework (November 2008)  468 KB describes how information generated from the 3 monitoring programs and traditional knowledge will be reviewed and considered.

The Yukon Placer Secretariat will evaluate the results of the monitoring programs on an annual basis. Depending on the outcomes, recommendations may result in changes that increase the system's effectiveness in meeting its management objectives. Changes may be made to the monitoring programs or to the watershed-based authorizations that govern Yukon placer mining under the Fisheries Act.


Water Quality and Aquatic Health Reports (2013 to current year) and data can also be downloaded from the Yukon Placer Watershed Atlas or directly from the FTP sites below:
Water Quality Reports and Data FTP Site
Aquatic Health Reports and Data FTP Site


Note: 2012 and older Aquatic Health Monitoring results are considered out of date due to a 2013 change to the method of data analysis.  Updated information may be posted if available.