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Key Components

Watershed Health – The Fish Habitat Management System takes a watershed health approach.  It divides the Yukon into approximately 19 watersheds or drainage basins.  Separate authorizations were issued for each watershed to take into account the ecological and topographical differences found within the territory.

Risk Assessment – The management approach is based on assessment of the risk to habitat, the sensitivity of habitat and the severity of effects from placer mining.  Habitat is classified based on its suitability for fish rather than whether or not fish are present.

Traditional Knowledge – Both traditional and local knowledge were used together with scientific knowledge in authorizations.

Enforcement – A strong compliance monitoring and inspection program is essential to the System.  An "action level" approach requires miners to reduce sediment discharge before standards are exceeded.

Adaptive Management – An adaptive management process provides a way to improve the Fish Habitat Management System over time by learning from the results achieved.  This requires monitoring of water quality, aquatic health and industry health.