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How to Prepare a Project Proposal

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How to Prepare a Project Proposal

In order to prepare a project proposal, proponents require:

  1. Locate your site on the map, and note the habitat classification that applies to your site. Determine whether the Previous Development designation applies to your site (instructions are found in the text box on the map).
  2. Save and print the Guidebook and the Worksheets. Do not print the Workbook yet.
  3. Refer to the watershed authorization, and note the discharge standards that will apply to your operation, and the phase-in schedule for discharge standards.
  4. Refer to the relevant Workbook chapters and print the chapter(s) that correspond to your operation. You may need one chapter for each "predicted" habitat class associated with your site (in order to determine the reclamation requirements), and one section for each habitat class that applies if the Previous Development designation is relevant to your site (in order to determine the operating conditions). 
  5. Please follow the instructions and answer the questions in the Workbook and/or Worksheets. The right hand column of some Worksheets refers to a section in the Guidebook that can be referenced for further information (e.g. 2.3.1).
  6. PLEASE NOTE: If your mining plan requires more than one type of diversion channel (i.e. Seasonal, Temporary or Permanent) and it is permitted in that habitat class, then you will have to print and complete one copy of Worksheets D3, E and F for each type of diversion. 
  7. Attach one copy of the completed Worksheets to the Project Description (Form 1) you submit to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board Designated Office, and another copy of the Worksheets to the water use licence application you submit to the Yukon Water Board.

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