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Welcome to the Yukon Placer Secretariat

The Yukon Placer Secretariat was established to coordinate the completion and implementation of the Fish Habitat Management System for Yukon Placer Mining.

The new fish habitat management system is designed to balance the objectives of conservation and protection of fish and fish habitat supporting fisheries and a sustainable placer mining industry in Yukon.

This website provides information on the Secretariat, the management system, placer mining and aquatic life in Yukon. You will also find information on how to prepare a placer mining project proposal.

Documents that set out the technical details of the Fish Habitat Management System for Yukon Placer Mining are available on our Resource Centre page.

Please browse through the website. We hope it will provide the information you are seeking. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

What's new...

 Workbook pages and worksheets have been updated. New documents can be found on the How to Prepare a Project Proposal and Resource Centre pages.

All placer mines in the Alsek and Liard River Watersheds are governed by site specific authorizations under the Fisheries Act.